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Student Welfare Policy

Student welfare in government schools:

  • encompasses everything the school community does to meet the personal, social and learning needs of students.
  • creates a safe, caring school environment in which students are nurtured as they learn.
  • is achieved through the total school curriculum and the way it is delivered.
  • incorporates effective discipline.
  • incorporates preventive health and social skills programs.
  • stresses the value of collaborative early intervention when problems are identified.
  • provides ongoing educational services to support students.
  • recognises the diversity within the school community and provides programs and support which acknowledge difference and promote harmony.
  • recognises the role that the school plays as a resource to link families with community support services.
  • provides opportunities for students to:
    • enjoy success and recognition.
    • make a useful contribution to the life of the school.
    • derive enjoyment from their learning.

Schools provide effective learning and teaching within secure, well-managed environments, in partnership with parents* and the wider school community. The objectives and outcomes that follow therefore relate to:

  • Effective learning and teaching.
  • Positive climate and good discipline.
  • Community participation..