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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student leadership helps young people find their voices, participate in decision-making, and understand their rights and responsibilities as active citizens. It helps students have a real impact on their learning and school environment and prepares them to participate meaningfully in their community.

Students can be leaders in the classroom, through their actions in the playground, through their support for others, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or local community events or projects.

At Waitara Public School we reocgnise the importance of developing leadership skills in students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

In Years 1-6, each learning hub elects two student representatives each semester. These students provide feedback to the student council, communicate messages to their classmates and support whole school initiatives. 

The SRC are supported throughout the year by Miss Wing, Miss Sherley, Mrs McDonald and Ms Bradley. They gave organised some wonderful events at our school including a fundraiser for our drought stricken farmers, crazy hair day, Stewart House fundraising and charity tinned food appeals just to name a few.  These SRC meetings allow student voice and choice to influence decision making across the school and allow our students to discuss important arising issues. 

School Leadership Team

In Year 6, eight students are elected by their peers to be school leaders. The students take on a wide range of roles and lead school initiatives. 

House Captains and Vice Captains

Each student at Waitara is in one of our houses: Rosella, Kingfisher, Kookaburra or Currawong. Each year, students elect Captains and Vice Captains to lead these houses.