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Opportunity Classes

Opportunity Classes at Waitara

At Waitara Public School we facilitate two Opportunity Classes (OC), one Year 5 class and one Year 6 class.  To gain entry into the Year 5 class students sit an Opportunity Class Placement test during Year 4. Those students whose scores are high enough are offered a place. Our aim is to provide these students with a diverse and rich range of learning experiences aimed to assist them reach their full potential.



Within the Waitara OC classroom, our goal is to assist students to:

  • become independent learners who value their own worth and the worth of others 
  • develop increasing responsibility to set goals, and the skills necessary to work toward these goals
  • develop and maintain a love of learning
  • learn from failure
  • gain skills in realistically reflecting on, and evaluating their own efforts
  • become responsible, productive global citizens
  • become life-long learners



Students in a Waitara OC class are afforded the opportunity to develop and apply their knowledge and understanding in a range of individual and group activities and projects. They are assisted to guide their own learning. Lessons often include:

  • problem solving activities
  • creative thinking challenges
  • using advanced research skills
  • working together in a variety of group structures
  • investigating real world problems and issues

All students enter the Waitara OC classroom with different strengths and areas of relative weakness. Our classroom program provides support for students where needed, at the same time permitting students to be involved in enrichment and extension activities in areas of mastery.

Students here at Waitara develop a rich understanding of concepts and topics through hands on experiences at venues such as the NSW Art Gallery, State Library, Gibberagong Environmental Centre, Macquarie University ICT Centre and affiliated educational facilities. They participate in programs such as the ASX Challenge, Maths Olympiad, Future Problem Solvers, Murder Under the Microscope and Robocup.



Students in the OC participate fully in the life of our school here at Waitara. This includes whole school programs such as peer support, buddy classes, assemblies, sport and creative arts. Students are invited to attend leadership training with the aim of standing for school leadership positions in Year 6.

Waitara Public School offers a diverse range of extra-curricular activities. These include PSSA sport, gymnastics, debating, public speaking, chess, choir, band, environmental programs, recorder and dance. OC students are expected to take full advantage of these programs.    


For further information regarding Opportunity Classes here at Waitara, please contact the school office on 02 9489 3105 or via email waitara-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au.